Not able to access Disk Management/Drive manager (and using Disk Management addin), "Addin's and system disk failing RRS feed

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  • Hello everyone..

    Little bit of a snafo....my system disk is occasionally having problems. I have a new drive ready to replace the original drive, but I can't access WHS Device Manager (which I think is an addon to the standard WHS drive manager?) b/c it immediately crashes the console. I can't access the WHS Addin's tab since the tab is missing,so I can'ti inhibit the commercial wireframe drive manager process....As a result, I can't access the seem to figure out how I can remove the SYS drive and since the console is practically unusable.


    I get 3 error messages when I start:

    1) Early3x: "THS console experienced problem with a feature during the previous attempt to open it.If the problem persists, call product support. Otherwise, click Retry/Skip"

    2) Same error message

    Last) A small window pop-up appears: Windows Home Server Console: HomeServerConsole.exe -corrupt file


    Please run chkdisk utility - Obviously it hasn't been successful at all and I still can't even see the failing drive to disable it!


    Thanks for all of your help!

    Monday, November 21, 2011 9:26 PM