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  • I had a hard drive fail in my EX740 HP mediasmart server.   The drive light is completely out.  I physically removed the drive from the machine and rebooted.  The WHS came up with the 3 remaining drives.  It was drive 2 that failed and is no longer in the system.

    Drive 2 comes up as missing in the WHS server tab.  I follow the directions and select that drive and click the Remove button.   THe drive light on drive 3 starts flashing purble like that is the drive it is going to remove.  I stopped and rebooted the machine so that it did not do the actual removal.

    Is this important or if it flashes the drive purple is that the one that is going to be removed?  If so, how do I remove the missing drive.  It won't let me rebuild my backup database until I actually remove the missing drive.

    The other thing that I noticed is when I attempted to hot swap the bad drive back into the box, the light still stayed off.  I then hot swap removed that drive and the drive 3 light whent of.  THe console still said it was there but I am skeptical since I started getting Failing (Check Health) on some of my shares.

    Any thoughts on how to remove the old drive?  I don't want to remove the "good" drive as that would leave me with no duplication. 


    Thank  You,

    Anthony Rizzolo


    Friday, July 30, 2010 3:32 PM

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  • Called HP on this and they said that it sounded like the OS was very confused and recommended I do a factory reset if I had a good backup.  I had a fairly good backup so after much pondering I decided to do the factory reset.  He had me move the drives that were in bay 3 and 4 into bay 2 and 3.  I did the factory reset and spent yesterday copying my data from the hard drive that it was on to the whs.  I of course lost the backups, but they appeared lost before this all happened anyway so that is going on now. 

    So far this seems to have solved the problem albeight in a sledge hammer way...Of course it also makes me wonder if its even worth doing the folder duplication if you need to do a factory reset in order to unconfuse the OS.  Oh well something to ponder I guess...



    Sunday, August 1, 2010 2:04 PM