OC R2 client not able to receive IM after migration RRS feed

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  • Hi all,
    Recently setup the OCS R2 pool, the pool is with a few newly created users for testing. Currently we have OCS R1 pool with many users. Testing the users migration from R1 to R2. I found that some users are having problem when after migration to R2. The symptom is when the user trying to send from R2 users sent to R2 migrated users, the IM message cannot be sent. The sender will receive the notice that it cannot be sent. However, R1 users are able to send to R2 migrated users without issue.
    We tried to migrate the users back to R1 without making any changes. R2 users and R1 users can send to that user without any problem.
    Having check with some forums mentioned that the issue for the users migrated to R2 that cannot receive IM, is given by the AD attribute of the user, with Telephone tag, IP Phone -> Other attribute is with data inside.
    After that I checked the AD attribute for those affected users, they are having really having the data in that attribute and then I removed that. Re-run the migration and testing. It works and all working fine.

    In this scenario, can anyone point out that what kind of issue is it? Bug? Configuration issue?

    Many Thanks
    Timothy Lau

    Tuesday, July 21, 2009 2:13 AM