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  • Hi,

    It's my first post here so my apologies if I break any forum rules :)


    I am planning to deploy Project 2010 Server on a small farm. I have four servers to play with, and I need as much availability and redundancy as possible. There will be no more than 500 users on the system. What I was thinking to do is this:

    - two servers that act as web+application servers, that will hold the websites and services

    - two database servers (with mirroring or clustering, TBD ... one of them could also be the AD holding all the accounts)


    I don't have any prior experience with SharePoint/Project (I'm a unix admin), but I did install it once on a single-server-does-all environment. These are my concerns:

    - I need to access this farm only from outside, using an external IP and FQDN. Would NLB do the trick or is there a better solution ? (software based). Can a Linux LVS box be used for this ? (sitting in front of the farm, with SNAT etc, and round robbin connections).

    - will both servers used for web+application be identical in this setup ? e.g. if one of them needs to be taken offline, will I lose any data (except the current session one), or is everything saved in database ? In the video tutorial from TechNet the PWA seemed to be created only on one of them, which is confusing to say the least :)


    I would really appreciate any insight or help. Thank you!


    Monday, December 6, 2010 12:56 AM