Synctoy 2.1 (x64) on Windows 2008R2 replace file to file size 0 RRS feed

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  • hi all, I have an emergency here and can you see if you can help. It is regarding synctoy 2.1 (x64) on windows 2008R2. I need a technique to recover "replaced" files. let me explain futher. Server 1 - windows 2008R2 standard. No domain. Using Synctoy 2.1 for x64 P:\pptools = 180GB of data Server 2 - windows 2008R2 standard. No domain. P:\pptools = 500GB of data The system design is the users will map the shared drive to server 1 all the time and update information there. We are using syntoy to schronise the files from \\server1\pptools (left) to \\server2\pptools (right) The job was setup to sycn from server 1 to server 2. When server 1 is down, the user will run a script to map the share drive to server 2. When the server 1 is up, to use synctoy from server 1 to resync again. The existing job (scheduled job) had been running since the begining, but it stop half way. I was trying to solve this problem. I recreated synctoy replication pair in the job and did a online run. This time it seems to be running but to my horror, the server 2 P:\protools drive becomes 300GB. The return message said 32,000 files replaced. When i checked the systems, it looks something like these. For a directory that did not exist in server A but in server B, P: drive, a new directory was created. A list of files has been created. But all the files inside has a filename, time and date, but the file size is zero.(0) For the same directory that exist in server B: drive, the same directory is still there. The number of files is same as A. All the files inside has a file name, time and date, but the file size is zero (0). It seems that synctoy is confused. My reading is that it discovered that the file does not existing in server A, so it created the file. But the direction to sync is from server A to Server B. Thus it sync the empty file into Server 2. I tried to look at recycle bin to recover the file but there is nothing there. Unfortunately, the customer does not have any backup (SAD ! ). Does anyone had any experience like this. Is it a mistake to expect synctoy to also mirror from right to left. Is there any software to recover the replaced file (zero size)file ? Does Synctoy 2.1 has a combine option ? HELP ! Thanks Steve
    Friday, October 14, 2011 5:09 AM