How to use DbgRpc tool (Debugging for Windows package) for RPC/LRC debugging in Windows XP (X286)? RRS feed

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  • I am working on a suspected IPC problem . I have admin and Debugging authorities on the machine in question. I have Enabled RPC Troubleshooting by launching Group Policy Editor gpcedit.mpc, and selecting Administrative Templates -> System -> Remote Procedure Call , then Right Click Properties. The dialogs I receive I enabled RPC Troubleshooting State Information collection setting to -> Enabled, and information to Maintain to Full

    Using Process Explorer I can obtain the Process ID and using Threads information I can get the thread I want to analyse.

    Problem is When I run command line -> DbGRpc -t P procID -T thrId
    I get messages: Relateing to RpcOpenThreadProcessEnumeration failed : 1

    I cant locate any information on this error code , and I cant firgure out if I'm mis-using the tool or
    using wrong parameters etc. etc.. I checked and follwed steps in Debugging help for RPC stuck threads etc..

    Can Anyone clarify how to use DbgRpc or is there another tool ? I see references to extension !rpcext.... commands but I dont think this command is installed in the package (I used full instal of latest version March 2009). Am I mis-using it, (should I run WinDbg also or something?).
    This is Windows XP Pro SP2 The Debugging Tools For Windows Package is March 2009 (x86)
    This is a duplicate post , I accidentally posted to VIsual C# forum also..
    Thursday, April 2, 2009 10:14 PM


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