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  • Hi,

    I am trying to understand how some computer programs can communicate over Internet, check something, download information, activate the product and so one. However, I am having some bad luck! HTTPRequest is one approach, but not sure if this is the correct industry method to accomplish something of what I want to i.e. communicate with server, check database etc.

    For example, Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) was able to detect new files, and asked the user if they want to submit this to Microsoft, and if YES, it will contact the server and upload this information.

    Another program, Soluto, a software used to speed up Windows, and to make your PC less frustrated while using it, works about the same way, it uploads information, downloads information live. 

    I am suspecting, at least Soluto has a database with all applications from different companies (third-parties) inducing Microsoft. Because Soluto can detect new applications, meaning that it checks against a database to determine if these apps have been registered previously or not.

    Direct communication with MySQL Server and Database is not a good approach due to security risks, as we've learned from the Industry for the past 30 years or less.

    Thanks in advance, and if something isn't clear just ask for further details...

    A nerdish programmer -:)

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  • While it's possible to communicate through the use of a website and HTTP, the more common/appropriate approach when it's a program communicating with another program is to use a "web service".  There are many different protocols, SOAP is a common one, you can do whatever custom communications you want in plain text through raw sockets if you *really* want to, and Microsoft has a number of abstractions that sit on top of web services (such as WCF) that simplify this type of communication between .NET applications.

    It's really beyond the scope of a forum post to explain it all.  Hopefully you can take some of the keywords/phrases from this post to get more in-depth information.

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  • @Servy42, thanks for your reply! I've been reading about SOAP, more specific SOAP + PHP5 + C# (Windows Apps), however, there's still a few concerns regarding communication and safety. :(

    Aren't there some real samples out there which cover this into detail to a degree?

    Yes, I've been searching on Google and Bing and no LUCK! Not even from Stackoverflow!

    A nerdish programmer -:)

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  • Ask here: http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en/sqldataaccess/threads?filter=answered


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