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  • Hi,

    Having issues deploying IFD on Windows 2008 and CRM 4.0 (rollup 2).

    organisation's crm server is hosted and can be reached through static IP of say and we can reach that IP by going to say crm.Fabrikam.com. (Fabrikam.com is a completely different IP e.g.

    The  server name is called 'USNY1' such that I can reach CRM through http://USNY1:5555.

    I have opened ports 5555 and 80 such that I can reach CRM through http://
    crm.Fabrikam.com:5555 without IFD installed.

    **The problem I'm having is that when settings up IFD I specify a value of crm.Fabrikam.com in the 'IFD App Root Domain', however when clicking on the resolve DNS button, it appends the name of my organisation to the start of the DNS record, e.g. 'Fabrikam.crm.Fabrikam.com' and throws an error. Note 'crm.Fabrikan.com:5555' resolves to my CRM server.

    Documentation of install
    organisation 'http://support.microsoft.com/kb/948779/en-us' is somewhat limited, particularly around DNS.

    Help appreciated,


    Thursday, January 29, 2009 9:17 AM


  • Manged to get it to work:

    Important tips:

    1. I had to create a DNS entry for
    'Fabrikam.crm.Fabrikam.com' to the server's IP address as opposed to 'crm.Fabrikam.com' - Thanks for this tip from - 'http://blog.customereffective.com/blog/2008/04/lessons-learned.html'

    2. The installation of CRM is on port 5555. Thus the 'IFD App Root Domain' should be : 'Fabrikam.crm.Fabrikam.com:5555' instead of just 'fabrikam.crm.fabrikam.com'

    3. When browsing to CRM from an external address I should thus use 'http://

    -- No doubt I will continue to have various issues down the line, but currently happily viewing MS CRM.


    Thursday, January 29, 2009 11:33 AM