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  • The Bing Translator app for Windows is available for download today. Designed from the ground up for Windows devices, the app places powerful translation technology at your fingertips by instantly translating content in more than 40 languages, at home, work or on-the-go.

    You can now download the free app from the Windows store here.

    Read more about the app here.  

    Release Notes:

    Q: How does the video mode work in the Windows 8 app? Do you need to take a picture of the text to translate the information?

    A: No. By simply hovering over the text, the app will overlay the translated text over the text in foreign language. In video mode, we combine augmented reality technology with real-time machine translation, to deliver a seamless continuous experience that does not require taking a picture before translating.

    Q: Why does the camera mode not work on some devices in the Windows 8 app?

    A:  There could be three possible reasons for the camera not working on some devices.

    1. Camera requires      the latest Windows Updates. Users should make sure their device is      up-to-date with all the updates, especially KB 2795944. (See note below.)
    2. Camera does      not meet criteria. Some Cameras do not have sufficient resolution and      frame rate. Camera functionality is not supported on those devices.
    3. Camera meets      criteria, but does not work due to limitations of the app. 

    Note: The specific camera update needed is KB2795944, if this is the case, the user will be prompted with an error message notifying them that updates are required to enable camera mode.

    Q: How is automatic language detection enabled in the Windows 8 app?

    A: Automatic language detection is available in Share Charm scenario. To enable automatic language detection, select text, enable the share feature, and select “auto” as the input language in the app menu. 

     Q: The Windows Phone app has speech-to-speech, why doesn’t the Windows 8 app have it?

    A: Speech-to-speech functionality is planned in an upcoming app update.

    Friday, June 7, 2013 5:59 AM

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  • Bonjour,

    Nous avons acheté, exprès, une tablette pour utiliser la fonction "camera" de Bing Translator.Le produit ayant été testé sur un Windows Phone (Nokia lumia 925) et donnant entière satisfaction.

    Grande déception par contre sur la tablette (ACER P3 - 171 - 5333Y4G12as) puisque dès que nous voulons utiliser la fonction "caméra" pour traduire du texte nous avons le message "un problème s'est produit avec votre appareil photo." et nous n'avons qu'un seul bouton à notre disposition "Fermer appareil photo".

    Que ce soit avec la caméra avant ou arrière (j'ai désactivé l'une des 2 pour voir si cela arrangeait les choses mais cela ne change rien)Que faut-il faire pour que ça fonctionne?

    J'ai installé Windows 8.1

    Saturday, January 18, 2014 9:33 PM