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  • I recently noticed alot of hard drive activity when my computer is idle, the drive light is constantly

    running, I'm worried about eventually running out of drive space and wear on my drive. I'm also

    having problems with data being downloaded to my computer when I'm not actively downloading

    anything, also data is being sent out from my computer. Can anyone suggest a program that

    can monitor where this is coming from (ip address) and going to? and what program is doing

    this. I'm talking gigabytes of data here, and I have no earthly Idea what to do to stop it. I have all

    my personal data on this computer and don't want it ending up in the wrong hands. I currrently

    have Spysweeper and Microsoft One Care with Virus/Firewall protection and they don't show

    anything wrong.  I remember reading somewhere about browser helper objects being able to to

    this, but I don't remember where I read this at. I would appreciate any help at this point.

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  • There are many things that can cause hard drive activity when your computer is idle such as the search indexer indexing files, certain disc defragmenting software, virus and spyware scanners, System Restore creating restore points, and updates being installed, just to name a few. I suggest uninstalling Spysweeper because it scans in real time as does One Care and I believe some of your hard drive activity is caused by the two programs conflicting. This alone may reduce your hard drive activity significantly.
    I'm not sure of why you suspect gigabytes of data being uploaded and downloaded as this would seriously impact your internet browsing. If you are assuming this because gigabytes of free space has become used space it doesn't mean you have downloaded anything. If you are using Vista on your computer, Vista uses obscene amounts of disc space to create System Restore points and for Volume Shadow Copies. You can reclaim this space by using the advanced features of Disc Cleanup.
    If you want to see which programs access the internet open One Care>Change Settings>Firewall>Advanced Settings>Programs, delete any program you do not recognize, then check the box that says " Always ask me whether to block or allow programs" on the first firewall page.
    Thursday, March 19, 2009 4:51 AM