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  • Hi!
    I hope I'm in the right place asking this. If not please forgive me.

    I start by trying to describe my problem.

    I have several projects in the same solution. These projects creates x files each.
    As a post build event these files are copied to a general debug/release folder where they are put in there appropriate sub folder(see below), note
    the same project can produce files that is contained in different folders. eg an xml and dll file.

    e.g. of folder structure

    Some of the folders content are updated dynamically upon build time, files are added,deleted,updated,copied in etc. So the content of
    some folders are constantly changing.

    The output dir contains the finished application that is dependent on the structure.

    What i now wonder is:
    Is there anyway one could create a Setup/Deployment project that does not statically bind to the files in a folder
    but only the folder itself and dynamically include all the files in the folder. Hence leaving out a manual corrections of
    the content of the project.

    Making it possible to copy the output directory,with all sub folders, directly for each time it is run(The Setup project). Hence also overrule
    the task of manually correcting the Setup project for each build.

    As a side note i think i must mention I'm stuck in VS2005 and using .Net 2.0.

    Thanks for the help/
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