Orginator of Content Getting Penalized for Dupe RRS feed

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  • I show you are #1 for that query. If that is your content/description (no way of telling as far as I'm concerned), I suggest contacting Google as they have one of the other's first and you are nowhere. 

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    Thursday, May 21, 2009 4:02 AM
  • Hi Capone303,

    Its just temporary effect. now check your rank!!! i have faced these type of problem many times because of data centre updation process. so do not worry and go ahead... do you want to know why it happen then ans is that like: Regrading specific search engine not for all - there is your indexed/cached content were left for some time of period from data centre and your website content are new for search engine at that time and if it is available on another website then it founded you as duplicator. and then starting the horrible of rank dropping tornordo and you are not visible in first 100!!

    But dont be panic just cool your mind and give some time to crawler to update its data centre. i am sure about it your are not panalised for duplicate content too. there is also many factor and you can use duplicate content of another website but there some trick you have to use!!   

    Hope you getting some idea and having lots of question why it happen with only your website???

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    Thursday, May 21, 2009 5:26 AM
  • Brett,

     Thank you for your reply but the Query in question is my Meta Title. By searching for my Meta title in quotes, I’m able to identify if someone has copied my content and in this case they have.  The reason you do not see us on the Google query is because they already grabbed my new Meta title and the content is again unique.

    The Actually Queries that are affected in LIVE search would be

    MLB Apparel - 1st page to page 3
    MLB Merchandise - 1st page to page 2

    Thursday, May 21, 2009 4:15 PM