MSS2/WMVSENCD.DLL Memory Leak? RRS feed

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  • I have a filter graph that consists of a Capture filter (which happens to capture the desktop), a compression filter (using the DMO wrapper) and a renderer. When I compress using MSS2 (MSScreen 9 encoder) I get a slow but steady memory leak (on the order of a few K per second). When I run the same program with WMV3 there is no leak. The leak does NOT show up in Visual Studio when the program exits. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

    9/14/10 additional (and slightly depressing) info. It depends on the complexity of the screen. A totally static but complex screen (e.g. desktop full of icons but no taskbar or clock) leaks steadily, a simple screen (e.g. NOTEPAD maximized and no task bar) does not leak. Also i loaded the NULLRENDERER into the filter graph just to rule out any possible problems there.

    My WMVSENCD.DLL is dated 10/18/2006. As near as I can tell this is the lastest version.

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