Need Help With Adding Audio To Word RRS feed

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  •             I am seeking help with adding audio to a word web document.  Whenever I attempt to add a audio file and when I upload it to my server the file is broken and is not available for playback, also the speaker symbol is missing, it will not display in the word program nor will it display on the web.  Can anyone help me with what I am doing wrong.  I will demonstrate the process that I use see below:

    1.  I click on insert and go to object;
    2. I click create from file and pull the audio file;
    3. mp3 logo is visible on page however, the player is not visible.  I know I'm doing someing wrong, however, I need help with this process so that audio files can be embedded into web page and uploaded.
    4. Also, what do I do if the file will not play?

            I tried something else.  I can get the Windows Media player (WMP) to up load and appear on the web page, however, I can get it to play anything.  What I did is I put the mp3 into my web page server by itself as an independent file.  I linked th mp3 file to the wmp hoping that when clicked on it would play.  I'm still wrong because nothing happens.  What do I do to get the mp3 file to play in the player?  Do I need to have the mp3 filed independently on the web server?  What am I doing wrong in this process?

           Someone please tell me what to do as soon as possible.


    Wednesday, January 14, 2009 2:50 AM