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    I do know the pain and agony you all must  have gone thru. I have spent four days with this problem, and found a few fixes myself, although temp. Going to try shecut's method next. However I can relieve a little of your pain. To get it from constantly popping up while  you work with it. Try this, it worked for me. Click on your task bar and bring up processes. See if you have rhcvkfj0en13.exe   If you do delete it out of task bar menu in processes.  Then go to start...search and type in the same thing. It will show you where its located. Delete it from there. So far, even with reboot, the damn thing hasn't come back. I still want to try shecut's method in safe mode to be extra sure. It is so hard to get rid of.

    Kaypos1    Glenda


    PS I then uninstalled AVG8 because the protective sheild thing had some 3113 pop up and invirus vault of the antivirus xp 2008 that kept popping up from task bar. I am reinstalling AVG 7.5 back after going thru this with my internet provider.

    Friday, July 18, 2008 11:09 PM