New Vista Ultimate - Several hardware changes - Same motherboard - invalidated RRS feed

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  • I recently built a new machine to run Vista. After setup and installation Vista worked well. But performance was not good enough so I upgraded the video, added more memory, changed the processor and moved to a bigger, faster hard drive. All still on the same motherboard.  Vista then began displaying "Evaluation Copy" in the bottom right of the screen.  Sometime later, Vista began to announce that I was using an invalid copy. I tried to revalidate but that failed. I then tried to phone method and that failed.  I then talked to someone in a support center.  After exchanging all the numbers - this process failed as well.  He said he would connect me to Customer Service.  After 10 or 15 minutes of waiting I received a voice message saying it can't connect to that number and hung up on me.

    As far as I understand, the changes I made were acceptable and I should not have had problems revaidating.  After 3 months of running Vista I have my whole personal and work life on this machine that I can no longer use.

    What do I do to get this system passed validation and working again?


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  • Hello dperso,

      Very sorry for the late reply, I am unsure how I missed the thread.

      The words "Evaluation Copy" on your desktop meand you are running a Beta or Release Candidate of 'Service Pack 2'  It has no effect on your Activated or Genuine status.  It is only there to remind you that you have Beta software installed and when the release version of SP2 comes out, that you should upgrade to the release version.

    Thank you,
    Darin MS
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