Onecare appears to be running, but user interface won't open RRS feed

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  • I installed Onecare on a PC running XP SP2, with all of MS's patches installed..  Prior to installing, I removed Trend Micro's security suite.


    I had difficulties installing Onecare, and ended up using MS's tool for completely removing Onecare.  I also used Trend's tool for completely eradicating its software.


    I finally got Onecare to install, or mostly install, but the user interface will not run.  Windows Security Center tells me that Onecare's firewall and anti-vrus are both running.


    However, the Onecare icon does not appear in the system tray at startup.  After the PC has been on for a while, the yellow icon appears, and gives me the little balloon asking for attention.  When I try to open the user interface, it starts to open, and the management screen appears but it goes immediately to "not responding".  The Onecare icon stays yellow.


    On another PC with Onecare running, it reports that there is a problem with Onecare on the first machine.  It tells me that the security settings service could not be started, and that I should go to Onecare on the first machine and take the rquired actions.  Of course, I can't do that because Onecare will not open on that machine.


    Any suggestions?

    Friday, November 30, 2007 11:05 PM