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  • Hi all;

    During TechDays 2009 in Paris, i made a 1 hour presentation on Sync Services for Ado.NET

    you can check the presentation (3 videos) the source code and the powerpoint presentation at this address:

    I have presented severals things on Sync services like :

    1) Presentation
    * Sync Services presentation a classic example:
     * Working with Sql Server 2008 and Change Tracking
    * Working with Sync Services and Linq To Sql instead of DataSet (and a great WPF application :))
     * Use SqlMetal to generate complete dbml from a Sql Ce DataBase
    * How to create a complete Schema during synchronisation
    * Sync Services over WCF
    * Make a Synchronization in background to provide good user experience

    2) Using Sync Services on Windows Mobile
    * How to connect a windows mobile and create a synchronisation over Http with WCF
    * Using netCFSvcUtil.exe
    * how to serialize - deserialize correctly messages with compact framework

    3) Personnalization of the synchronization
    * How to filter datas with Sync Services
    * How to manage multi users with sync services and local databases
    * how to handle conflicts with sync services

    4) Java
    Yes you read well :)
    * A full implementation of a synchronisation on a Java mobile over http to a home made http server.

    I know the presentation is in french, but you can download both presentations (Powerpoint) and all the source code used during my presentation.

    Good sync !

    Sébastien Pertus. Bewise
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    Tuesday, March 17, 2009 9:03 AM

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  • Hi Sebastien,

    thank you very much for sharing this! It is always interesting to see some real-life examples, especially advanced ones :)

    Just one question, would you mind posting a direct link to both ppt and sources? I quickly skimmed through the 3 webcasts but could not find where to get them (ma francaise c'est terrible *g*)

    Again thank you for helping us Non-MVPs to find our way through Sync :)

    Tuesday, March 17, 2009 9:46 AM
  • No problem :)

    Here is direct links :

    First video (you must log in with live account to access 2nd and 3 third part)

    Powerpoint presentation

    Source code


    Sébastien Pertus. Bewise
    Tuesday, March 17, 2009 9:56 AM