Just got 2 Seagate 750GB FreeAgent Pro esata drives RRS feed

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  • Just wanted to report my experience with a couple of new Seagate 750GB FreeAgent Pro esata drives.

    My WHS machine is an old Dell Optiplex GX260 that I inherited when my mother replaced it because she didn't have the desire or ability to troubleshoot an issue.

    It's got a 2.4Ghz Pentium 4, 80GB IDE HD, an Nvidia Quadro 2 head video card (which is useless in the server role), but more importantly 1gig of ram, and a gigabit ethernet.  Obviously, more storage was needed but this GX260 is a compact desktop so there is no room for additional HD's.  After researching external enclosures, USB, firewire, and sata, I was planning to buy a couple of 500 gig sata HD's and put them in an enclosure with esata connections.  Now the GX260 doesn't have sata on the motherboard so I selected a Promise SATA300 TX4302 to add into a PCI slot.  While I was waiting for HD prices to come down, Seagate came out with their new FreeAgent Pro line of external HD's complete with esata ports and a 5 year warantee.  The FreeAgent enclosure is stylish but not what I was looking for.  However, last weekend, BestBuy had a sale on the 750 GB drive for $199 so I bought 2.

    Since the GX260's motherboard battery had run down and we had an extended power outage a few weeks back, the system clock lost it's time and hosed up my WHS install.  It gave me a message about the evaluation copy having expired.  So, while I installed WHS CTP, I also installed the drivers for the Promise SATA card.

    So far the whole setup works well but I've only had it up for about 10 hours.  I'm looking forward to filling the storage up but holding off until RC1 is out (based on the comments in the recent e-mail.

    Here's a screenshot of the console.

    Sunday, June 3, 2007 2:08 AM

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