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  • I've just completed an hour's work and crashed Windows Explorer several times doing tasks that long ago would have taken all of 10 minutes using a blissfully simple and flexible MS program, long terminated with extreme prejudice, called "Picture It."  Even Consumer Reports thought it to be far and away the most useful and intuitive of the simple photo touch up programs, which I suppose immediately made the little cupcake program a goner at MS.

    Can you revive it for those of use who, even with 4 gigs of RAM, crash every time we try to edit pictures

    • in Windows Media Center (a lumbering behemoth that does too little at too many tasks) or  
    • in Windows Live Workspace.

    Even with 20mbps download and 5mbps upload speed to your cloud, Windows Live Workspace doesn't match what "Picture It" could do.  From the cloud, it remains slow in comparison with a program housed in my computer.   It's also less flexible in basic ways.  For example, "Picture It" allowed easy saving of an edited picture for quick emailing, later, while also saving the original, if desired.  I could easily email several of those edited pictures at once.  Now, I must lower the KB on each picture at a time, email it on its own email, save and close that email, email the next one, copy it from the 2nd email, delete the 2nd email, and paste the 2nd shot into the 1st email.  And so on.  There's almost always a crash of Windows or Outlook when doing this.

    Accordingly, you may need to consider throwing some of your Meta Masters of the Universe Programmers without parachutes off the tops of your tallest buildings.  The agro factor when dealing with far too many MS programs just keeps going up. 

    Plus, solving the problems that crop up usually can be accomplished faster by Googling the problem, rather than being stymied inside the complex plethora of MS websites and brittle indexes, which just adds insult to injury.

    Friday, September 23, 2011 2:06 AM