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  • On my machine there is a web application (let's call it WebApp1) hosted in IIS, and there is a windows services Svc1 which will send request to the WebApp1 periodically, then I change the default outbound rule on the machine is set as Blocked, I want to know will this affect the 'communication' between Svc1 and WebApp1? In another words, is the outbound rule only affect the communication to the outside computer or also applied for the communication inside the local computer?

    Below is got from msdn, but it does not tell too much detailed

    What is an outbound rule?

    Outbound rules explicitly allow, or explicitly block, network traffic originating from the computer that matches the criteria in the rule. For example, you can configure a rule to explicitly block outbound traffic to a computer (by IP address) through the firewall, but allow the same traffic for other computers.

    Because outbound traffic is allowed by default, you typically use outbound rules to block network traffic that you do not want. You can also configure the default action that Windows Firewall with Advanced Security takes, whether outbound connections are allowed or blocked, when no outbound rule applies.

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