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  • I severe I saw a message from ron.asp and answered to it as:

    A date is a date is a date. 

    For inserting changing it to yyyy/mm/dd format is meaningless because it is merely a display format and not a storage format. If you mean your storage is character and not a date then you can convert to that format:

    transform( dtoc( dateA ,1 ), "@R 9999/99/99" )

    However after submitting the post is gone!!! That sucks, that really sucks. Please remove such powers from whoever have it. I find it as a rude action.
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    Wednesday, September 16, 2009 9:17 PM

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  • Hi Cetin,

    You said "I saw a message from ron.asp and answered to it", then I don't ensure whether the ron.asp is related to MSDN forums.

    Generally such issue "post disappear" would not occur in MSDN forums and I never came accross such issue before in MSDN forums, but sometimes your post may be delayed to appear after submitting when MSDN forums is in maintenance.

    If a post is deleted from MSDN forums, it will still be remain and marked with strikethrough line.

    Please double check this issue and consider posting it to Suggestions and Feedback for the Forums forum for better responses.

    Thank you Cetin for your long-time friendly help and support in MSDN community!

    Best regards,
    Martin Xie

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    Friday, September 18, 2009 1:23 PM
  • Martin,
    It was a message from a user with username ron.asp. I spent time to reply to it, and when I submitted I got a message "An unspecified error occured" (not exact text maybe). I copied my reply not to lose it, refreshed the posts and the post was gone! I severe it was gone. Anyway it is gone and hopefully it doesn't happen again:)
    Friday, September 18, 2009 2:40 PM
  • This message in my experience comes when an entire thread is deleted.

    Thus this "If a post is deleted from MSDN forums, it will still be remain and marked with strikethrough line." will not apply in this case as it only applies when threads are preserved yet a post within a thread is deleted.

    Possibly the thread was deleted because the original question (rather than your reply) was thought to be off-topic for that forum (or for similar reasons). Typically in such cases the threads are moved by Moderators to Off-topic, but sometimes Moderators are perhaps short of time and will just delete them (Moves are notoriously slow).

    But all this is just guesswork based on the error message you received. I have no information on this particular thread as I don't even visit that forum.

    P.S. Only Moderators will see deleted posts marked with strikethrough lines. For normal users they no longer appear at all

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  • thanks martin.it was useful to know that.as a new comer I had no idea of it,now I shall check that before a post
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    Tuesday, September 22, 2009 8:14 AM