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  • I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, I recieved no response when I posted to the "Where Is the Forum For...?" forum.

    For my custom device, I use a driver supplied by a hardware manufacturer, Cypress Semiconductor.

    The only thing I know is that

    A)  This driver has passed Driver Test Manager (DTM) for the following operating systems –
        1. XP, SP2, x86
        2. XP, SP2, x64
        3. Vista, RTM, x86
        4. Vista, RTM, x64
        This driver was submitted to Microsoft for a Microsoft driver signature WW20, 2007.

    B) I had to change the .INF file to get my application running (this was easy).

    C) I need to get things signed for Vista 64 (This is confusing).

    Mt questions are:

    Though the driver was not designed by me, do I need to go through WHQL to sign things?

    Do I just get a Verisign account and follow the Kernel mode code signing walkthrough document?

    Maybe I am asking the wrong questions and I really need to do something else?
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