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  • Hello All,
    so we tried as follow (all with winXP):
    2 unit PC( PC-A and PC-B) only with CXP client installed
    1 unit PC(PC-venue) with CXP client and venue service installed (no reflector, no archive)
    ===> all PCs in IP 192.168.1.xxx ,  just LAN

    I think PC-venue run all thing okay....IIS and ASP.net also .Net framework 2.0 installed
    i defined local venue, and PC-A and PC-B also added http://localhost/venueservice.

    1. in this local Venue only PC-A and PC-B can see and start presentation/chat,etc each other. PC-venue is not appear .... why?
    Unicast between PC-venue and PC-A work fine.

    2. If i active the camera and also voice recording, its look like multicast work, because all 3 PC are appear, but if no camera active, it happen like question number 1.

    3. how can we as instructor , forbid the other clients to erase during 1 client by writing?

    4. in Presenter 3.0 program from UW CSE has already manual connection to venue service (classroom 1...5 , ex IP=
    so, i made a venue service with IP and named it PRESENTER (also in localhost/venueservice). PC-A and PC-B and PC-Venue start the presenter 3.0 programs and PC-venue choose as instructor in classroom 1 ( and PC-A+PC-B try to choose as students at same classroom. But PC-A and PC-B cannot join the presentation.
    if i go to web http://localhost/venueservice it appears as follow:


    The following operations are supported. For a formal definition, please review the Service Description.

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    Wednesday, June 27, 2007 1:12 AM

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  • Hello Edy,


    For now, let's leave Presenter 3.0 out of the picture and focus on CXP.


    All 3 machines on the LAN should be able to see each other if they are all in the same venue.  The easiest way to check that is to have them all enter the "Local Venue".


    If you want to use a Venue Service, then you need to open TCP port 80 in your firewall on the machine that has the Venue Service installed.  PC-A and PC-B need to point at http://<PC-Venue>/VenueService


    For problem 2 - what do you mean all 3 appear - everyone can see each other on all the machines?  And if you stop audio and video they can't?  Please make sure you have a firewall exception for CXPClient.exe on all the machines.


    Problem 3 - ConferenceXP does not support that functionality.  We designed our Presentation capability to be a peer-to-peer collaboration tool.  UW Presenter is more full-featured and supports your request.  They do (or at least did) have a Presenter plugin that you can use in ConferenceXP.  You might ask them about it, but let's solve your basic connectivity problems first.


    By the way, do you get any results if you click on GetVenues and provide it with an email address?



    Wednesday, June 27, 2007 3:00 PM