How to avoid the program by create new folders with same dll files name?


  • Hi guys,

    I am creating a form with the resources which I am creating a programming with languages. I have created three resources which the one that are ZH-CH (Chinese), el-GR (Greece) and en-US (English-United States). I have also built some texts in the resources so I have debugged the program. Everything seen to be is fine, but I find that some weird stuff in the project bin folder. I found that the program has created three folders (ZH-CH, el-GR and en-US) with the dll file in each folder (Project1.resources.dll), I have renamed each dll files name with each different name and I have moved them in the bin folder, so I have deleted three folders. I ran the program again and they have created the new same folders with the same name where it was.

    I want to use the same dll files that I have renamed (like each of these: English.dll, Greek.dll and Chinese.dll) without placing them in the resources folder. I’d find it so impossible to avoid the program by creating these new folders with the same dll files name without using the files that I have renamed them and placed in the project bin folder.

    Please can you be able to help me out in what way that I should do to find out where the information in VB.Net application that are making the program to create the folders with the same dll files name (project1.resources.dll)?? I would then change each name in the information and the dll files name in the bin folder so hopefully that the program would not create the new folders with the same dll files name ever again.

    I have tried to add the dll files in the ‘Add reference’ menu but it won’t work. The program will create the resources folder with the same dll file name project1.resources.dll if I deleted them.

    Any advice would be much appreciates.

    Wednesday, May 27, 2009 4:49 PM


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