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  • Ok, first, my apologies if this is the inappropriate forum. This is a Visual C# project, and I couldn't find any other forums that fit any better than this one (I am a system engineer that does mostly embedded work, not really used to this kind of power/programs/etc).

    Now, I am trying to create an installer here for my project and I am running into a problem. 3 of the .DLLs I am using are not properly registering on the other machines, now I know I am an admin and all that fun stuff, so thats not an issue.

    I am thinking though it has to due with dependencies, since these .DLLs are the result of their own installers (They are IVI Drivers downloaded from their respective instrument makers). This is confirmed because they are included on that fun list that says "The following files may have more dependencies than detected" or whatever it says.

    What I need is help, is there a way to do one of the following:

    Can I include the installers for the drivers in the overall installer so it forces the the Driver installers to run first (and hopefully without needing user input)?

    Can I tell what the real dependencies for a specific .DLL are?

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