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  • Although my WHS ran pretty darn good on the slower box, I wanted the most out of it without spending too much cash. Here is what I had and did.

    I originally had my WHS installed on a:

    P3 600 mHz ,

    PNY PC100/133 ram 720 mb, Mobo-GCT Supertek P3VFA (circa 2000-2001?)

    Lite-On DVD/DL/CDR/W drive,

    Seagate Baracuda 200 gig ATA-133 drive (primary)

    Seagate Baracuda 2 x 80 gig

    I transfered the drives to another faster box Kept them in same order!:

    AMD 1.33 mHz, PC 133 512X2= 1gig Ram, MOBO is DFI Ak75EC.

    The machine booted just fine and worked great! This is not the first time I've done this either.  But this time after the 3rd reboot (just to make sure all was well) WHS asked me to register again.  I did have to generate a new Key and type it in. WHS registered fine and all is well.

    The main thing I notice is that the WHS console and the web interface loads much faster than before. Backups run quicker. Duh... The transfer of files and browsing of folders does not seem to be any faster, but it was pretty quick anyway on the old machine.

    Moral of the story, you may not always have to reinstall the operating system on C when you do a mobo and cpu change. Which is really cool.

    Maybe a more senior member would have more info on this or maybe it's old hat. But I was sure shocked....twice now.

    Hope this helps someone else....

    Sunday, May 20, 2007 2:59 PM

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  • In order to swap motherboards there are 2 important factors to considure. The HAL installed in the OS image must be compatible with the new hardware. The Drivers for the Hard Drive controller must be installed in the image. All other hardware differences can be taken care of with Plug and Play.


    Personally I am using an AOpen AX 34II for my install and then moving my hard drive to a PowerVault 715N because I cannot connect a keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, or DVD Drive to the PowerVault.

    Sunday, May 20, 2007 8:55 PM
  • Something I tested experimentally, as long as you keep the boot drive the same, WHS is intelligent enough to cope with the rest of the data drives being in a different order on the interfaces without complaining.


    I have 2 IDE drives, one is the system drive, and 3 SATA drives - I played around with the other of the 3 SATA drives and booted up and WHS worked just fine.

    Sunday, May 27, 2007 10:53 AM