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  • OK I am coming from Outlook BCM onto Dynamics CRM Cloud. I have  equipment out in the field that is serialized that we support and need to keep track of support calls per piece of equipment. In BCM what we did was make all the serial numbers the "Contact" names so we could tie them to "Accounts" then we had a custom form that was called Equipment that we could say new equipment and then every time you opened a "Contact" that was created with that form it would open that particular form with the information. Now in CRM I do not believe I can have the same functionality. It appear that contacts are contacts. So I am thinking I want to create a new Entity called Serialized Equipment. In there I can create a form and add all the particular fields and link them to their appropriate account. My issue is once created I don't see how I can create new cases like I can if they were a "contact". So I am wondering if I can and then I am also wondering what is the best way to handle this particular senerio. I just don't want to go way down a path and find out it is better done a different way. Thanks.

    Tuesday, May 3, 2016 2:56 PM

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  • Hi,

    If I've understood correctly, you want a way of tracking who's got pieces of equipment. If this is the case, the way I would handle this would be, as you've said, to create a new entity called Serialized Equipment (let's call it SE for now) - have whatever information you want in there about the equipment; make, model, serial number, etc. You then need to create a link between Contacts and SE which is a many-to-many (I'm assuming that Contacts, in their lifetime, can have multiple pieces of equipment and equipment might be with multiple Contacts).

    If this is the case, you've then got a choice. You can either link the entities together using the native N:N relationship which makes things very simple but doesn't offer you the chance to add any information to this link so all you know is that Contact A had Equipment Z but there's nothing to say when they had it, whether it's been returned, etc. If you need this information, you'll need to create a linking entity - this will be another entity called something like Equipment With Contacts (for speed, let's call this EWC). You then create a 1:N relationship between Contacts and EWC and another one between SE and EWC where EWC is the child in both relationships. You can then add fields to this like Delivery Date (or use the standard Created On), Returned Date, along with the all-important Current Status option set field with things like Not Yet Delivered, With Contact, Returned, Lost, etc.

    By doing this, when a piece of equipment goes out, simply create a EWC record, select the Contact from the lookup, select the equipment from the lookup and then fill in the rest. You'll then be able to find this record from either the Contact or EWC so it'll be easy to update.

    That's how I'd do it. I hope that's helpful.

    Wednesday, May 4, 2016 9:11 AM
  • Yes, I can do that but I want to be able to create support cases for the Serialized Equipment entity. Is this possible? That is where I am hung up.
    Friday, May 6, 2016 7:27 PM