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  • Hi,

    Being new to forums, i cant find where i was supposed to post my comments - am posting here to my best.

    I am a finance professional and use/need my laptop all the time as all the crucial data and softwares are in there. Now that Windows-10 platform on mobile and desktop is the same, aint it possible for Microsoft to make Windows mobile function like a PC.

    I mean, since both run on Windows -10 platform, aint it possible that Windows Mobile Phone be made in such a way that i dont have any need left for my desktop and laptop. That I can use Windows Phone as phone and then can connect it with a keyboard and LED screen through bluetooth or any other mode and work on it like its a full fledged desktop - such an advanced desktop that I dont need any other laptop/desktop for my needs? 

    I dont foresee any problem considering already i work on HP Spectre Envy 14 laptop that has 4GB RAM and my One Plus 3 has 6 GB RAM.

    How good is my wishful thought?

    Sunday, May 28, 2017 2:38 PM