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  • Hello,

    I have a website protected with a basic authentication, which launch an ActiveX using WinHttp to communicate to the same website.
    As is, it doesn't work without manual re-authentication within my application.

    I would like to somehow retrieve the first authentication credentials and re-use it with WinHttp, like WinInet does (with its Credential cache)
    I've read about WINHTTP_OPTION_USE_GLOBAL_SERVER_CREDENTIALS in https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/aa384066(v=vs.85).aspx
    It is supposed to enable authentication using WinInet credentials.

    The problem is I can't make it work, and can't find any more detailed documentation or example.

    What is this "last resort" using global credentials, how is it triggered from code ?
    The credentials are "pushed down from WinInet", am I supposed to collect them somehow, or is it all wrapped by WinHttp ?

    It seems related to the other flag WINHTTP_OPTION_GLOBAL_SERVER_CREDS, is that how am I supposed to retrieve any credentials ?
    How am I supposed to fill the WINHTTP_CREDS_EX structure to make it work ?

    For now, I have tested WinHttpSetOption with WINHTTP_OPTION_USE_GLOBAL_SERVER_CREDENTIALS set to TRUE, the method returns TRUE.
    I failed setting the credentials for the appropriate scheme with WinHttpSetCredentials and NULL for username & password (ERROR_INVALID_PARAMETER as long as username is NULL or empty)
    I also tested WinHttpSetOption with WINHTTP_OPTION_GLOBAL_SERVER_CREDS and an empty WINHTTP_CREDS_EX struct with no hInternet parameter, without success (ERROR_WINHTTP_INVALID_OPTION)
    I also tried WinHttpQueryOption, with WINHTTP_OPTION_GLOBAL_SERVER_CREDS flag, without success.

    Any idea on how to make it work ?


    Friday, January 23, 2015 5:27 PM


  • Hi NFB127894,

    Based on your description, I’m afraid that it is not the correct forum for this issue, since this forum is to discuss:

    Visual Studio WPF/SL Designer, Visual Studio Guidance Automation Toolkit, Developer Documentation and Help System, and Visual Studio Editor.

    I am moving your question to the moderator forum ("Where is the forum for..?"). The owner of the forum will direct you to a right forum.

    If it is related to the web app, maybe you could post this issue in http://forums.asp.net where asp.net experts live in. Anyway, I move it to the moderator forum. Thanks for your understanding.

    Have a nice day,


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    Monday, January 26, 2015 9:42 AM