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  • I'd like to ask the question, is it possible to import Windows 8's task manager into Windows 7 from the Developer Preview ISO. I've installed the preview on a virtual machine and it works well enough for a rough draft. The one thing that really stands out, and it's a shame it wasn't released with Windows 7 is the new task manager. I can deal without the ribbons on the folders or the metro start menu (not a fan of that scheme for the start menu) but I'd really like to have the new task manager work on Windows 7. Shame Microsoft didn't release that part of Windows 8 with Windows 7

    I've tried to "import" it myself using files from the Dev Preview but they don't work as stand alone files, example being the TM.exe and the Taskmgr.exe files from the system32 and winsxs directories. The whole program is deeply rooted in the system folders and I'm sure I'm not even touching the registry modifications that are required to make it run on a different version number of the OS. Yeah the two task manager have different version numbers, I seen that myself. Version 6.2 on Win 8 and 6.1 on Win 7. I don't see how you can call it Windows 8 when it's clearly still version 6 of the NT kernel.

    There currently is no reason to switch to Windows "8" since as it stands it's just a glorified Windows 7 that actually looks rather stripped down and less productive than the current model. God forbid you launch a Metro Style app, you'll never clear it out the ram, just keeps piling the apps on top of each other till it fills up the ram, then the whole things goes all Windows 95 on it.

    If anyone has any ideas on how one might go about pulling the Task Manager 6.2 exectuables,  adding the necessary registry keys, or any group policy editing required to make it work in Win 7 then please by all means post what you know. As it stands now I can take ownership of the locked out taskmanager folders and the exe's for it, copy them to the host system and then (after backing up the originals) place them in the correct corresponding folders on the host, but this method does not yield any working version of Task Manager. Not to mention its very frustrating as the "parts" of Task Manager are spread out over several locations.

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  • This question could be more appropriate for the "Windows Developer Preview: General OS Questions" Forum at the following address

    Anyway, I think that performing such an operation is not possible.
    If you need a more powerful Task Manager you can download and run Sysinternals Process Explorer from the following address


    Luigi Bruno - Microsoft Community Contributor 2011 Award
    Monday, December 5, 2011 1:43 PM
  • Yeah I didn't figure it would be easy, but I doubt it's "Impossible" I simply lack the necessary skills and knowledge to figure something that complex out. The task manager that comes with Windows 7 if useful enough, I just wanted the new look was all. Thanks for the reply's though and sorry I didn't post it in the right location.

    Seems a rather bit nit-picky to move the question from General Discussion, as that was exactly the type of thread I wanted. A general discussion of my question. Now you've moved it to a location that will probably never be viewed again, effectivly killing any chance of this thread being answered by someone with more information on the subject. I should have known it was a waste of time to ask anyone at Microsoft about it, of course you don't want me to figure this out. No money in that.


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  • I can move it back if you want. If so, please edit the original question and make a case as to why it belongs in the General Discussion forum. Thanks!

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  • '"' Anyway, I think that performing such an operation is not possible.

    If you need a more powerful Task Manager you can download and run Sysinternals Process Explorer from the following address '"'

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  • Stan,

    Very helpful. Here's one direct:


    Ed Price (a.k.a User Ed), SQL Server Experience Program Manager (Blog, Twitter, Wiki)

    Monday, April 23, 2012 7:56 PM
  • I totally forgot about this thread, and yes to the staff members who wish to move it to a different group. You are free to delete this question/thread if you wish. This topic is obsolete since moving to Windows 10. I finally got the task manager I wanted :)

    Oh and I apologize for coming off so rudely in my previous posts on the thread, I hope no one was offended. Been learning the ropes with Windows 10, and so far I like it. Took some getting used to but now I'm like Windows 7 what, who?

    Wednesday, February 17, 2016 10:56 PM