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  • I'm still on WHS V1, and I've got a question about WHS 2011.  

    As I understand it since WHS 2011 no longer supports drive extender, so you actually see each of the drive letters for the individual drives.


    But my question is, how do shared folders work....  IE lets say that I've got a shared folder with 6tb of content... obviously this folder must span multiple drives.  Does WHS handle this automatically... IE do I still create a new share called movies, and as it expands, does WHS automatically add that folder to the drives it needs to use up?  So the share is actually like a Library that points to content on the individual drives. 

    Or is it done manually where you actually create a Movies1 share on Drive 1, then a Movies2 share on Drive 2 etc...


    I'm assuming it's the first method, but want to clear that up... thanks..



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