Can't unistall Live Mesh, can't reinstall Activesync RRS feed

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  • During uninstall of live mesh, computer froze. Now mesh loads on machine automatically on start-up but not found on list of programs for removal (in control panel). Bigger problem is I can't load Activesync now (for WM6 phone) because it says I don't have admin privileges (I'm the Admin).  HELP!
    Using XP SP3.
    Can't find livemesh.exe anywhere on drive.
    Monday, April 13, 2009 1:35 AM


  • From this thread:

    Issue: Live Mesh is not installed or is installed partially and the customer sees a dialogue stating that Live Mesh cannot install because it is already installed.  Customer is not able to uninstall Live Mesh.

    Cause: This experience is typically caused by an interruption in the normal installation process leaving the Registry in a state where certain entries are not removed or added properly.

    Possible Workarounds: The Live Mesh installer, LiveMesh.exe, can be used with switches from a command line to install, uninstall, or repair Live Mesh. Note: sometimes you may need to repair the Live Mesh installation before uninstalling it.

         Using LiveMesh.exe switches
              1. Download the LiveMesh.exe installer
              2. Navigate to http://www.mesh.com/ and log in using your Live ID
              3. Click on the Devices tab
              4. Select Add Device
              5. Select your platform choice then click Install
              6. Pick the option to Save (remember this location)
         If you are installing on Vista, you will need to run these switches from an Elevated Command Prompt.
              1. Click on Start
              2. Select All Programs
              3. Select Accessories
              4. Click on Command Prompt (Please note: if you are installing on a Windows Vista computer, you will need to right-click and select Run
                  as administrator)
              5. Once you are in your Command Window navigate to the location that you saved the LiveMesh.exe installer and type one of the following:
                      LiveMesh.exe /repair (assumes the product was already installed or needs to be repaired)
                      LiveMesh.exe /uninstall (removes the product)
                      LiveMesh.exe (no switch, installs the product)



    If installing/uninstalling from a Command Prompt does not work, you may need to manually remove the Live Mesh Registry entries.

          Manually editing the Registry
               1. Click Start
    . Click Run
               3. Type Regedit and hit Enter (if you are on Vista you will need to agree to a UAC prompt)
               4. In the Registry Editor remove the following Registry entries:
                     \9D1E4BCD781B45B479E1418784C5A935   (NOTE:  <YOURSID> value will be unique to you.)











    I can't tell you why ActiveSync is reporting that you need Admin privileges, assuming that you actually have Admin privileges, but that might resolve itself after you remove the bits of Live Mesh that are probably in a limbo state due to the failure during the uninstall.


    Microsoft MVP Windows Live / Windows Live OneCare & Live Mesh Forum Moderator
    Monday, April 13, 2009 1:05 PM