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  • Although few technology skills can truly be called "dead" because there will always be employers with older systems that require such skills, technology experts have compiled a list of skills and technologies that, while not dead, are on their last legs. These technologies include Cobol, nonrelational database management systems, non-IP networks, cc:Mail, ColdFusion, C programming, PowerBuilder, certified NetWare engineers, PC network administrators, and OS/2. All of these technologies have been replaced by newer technologies, with fewer instructors in these fields. However, although they are not being used by new companies and taught to new computer students, that does not mean there is no demand for programmers with these skills. Heikki Topi, chair of computer information services at Bentley College in Waltham, Mass., and a member of the ACM's education board, said that plenty of companies still run on these systems. "When you talk to practitioners, they'll say there are applications in thousands of organizations that have to be ma
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