How to Synchronization Outlook with third party system? RRS feed

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    Our Customer has a website which has a table by name task. This task table on the website is populated by admin of the website. Each task is assigned to sales person. The Customer wants the website task to be synchronized with outlook task for each sales person.

    What we have already done

      • We have already created a table and pages on the website. Allowing Admin user to create/edit/delete task on the website.
      • We have created a web service that pulls and pushes data from the website's task table by sales person.
      • We have added a "Synch" button in the sales person's outlook.
      • On click of the "Synch" button we make a call to the web service
        and the synch between outlook task and website is done. I.E. task are
        created/updated in outlook, closed task marked in outlook are closed on
        the website.

    What I am unable to figure out

    We do not want sales person to click the Synch button after every few
    minutes, so we want outlook to call our process periodically, just like
    send-receive in outlook. However I am unable to find a hook provided by
    outlook to call a process periodically.

    How can we do this?



    Tuesday, November 11, 2014 11:57 AM