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  • Like many professionals, I like to download the Windows patches in preparation for eventual re-installation of the OS, as well as in order to facilitate my clients' machines maintenance (many of them do not have a permanent Internet connection, and most are complete tyros). I use  the Microsoft Downloads Center.


    For every single patch that is not security-related, I need to press the "continue" button in order to check that my system is "genuine". Because of the usual load of the validation server, this "Genuine Advantage (?)" check takes about 10 seconds, which is generally 3 times as long as the actual download once permission is granted. As far as I can imagine, my system isn't going to turn illegitimate in an eye blink? I understand that caching the validation status may represent a security risk – from Microsoft's point of view. But from the user's point of view (remember where the money comes from?) it's a requirement.


    When I was an IT manager, I would have fired on the spot the analyst who designed a program that behaves so idiotically. Not only this behavior is stupid, but it is really aggravating and bad PR for Microsoft.


    The validation status is recorded on disk, after all. It should be possible for the pre-download validation check to use this instead of repeatedly querying an overloaded server...


    I posted a similar protest about a year ago, but I might as well have shouted down the Grand Canyon, for all the effect it's had...

    Thursday, December 6, 2007 10:09 AM