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  • So I saw an ad actually that said MS was removing Drive Extender from Vail. I have seen a few articles so I think this is true but am not sure the best way to voice my opinion to MS. I saw a few threads on here that kind of talked about it but nothing was concrete and\or had broken links so I am starting a new thread. If anyone can point me in a better direction to voice my opinion or all of our opinions I appreciate it. Now to begin my rant:

    WTF!!! Drive Extender is the WHOLE REASON I use WHS. Before WHS I had multiple PC's with various hard drives that served as storage for my files. Now I have one location to store everything AND an on-site backup method. Drive Extender is WAY easier to use than a raid and the flexibility it offers is perfect. In my opinion, this is what RAID SHOULD BE! Currently I have 3 2TB drives, 4 1TB drives, 4 500GB drives and 1 250GB drive in my WHS. I am slowly working on replacing the aging drives with newer 2 TB drives. WHS makes this a cinch. All I do is remove the old drive from storage, crack open the case, install the new hard drive and then add it to the storage pool. I can only imagine what I would have to do if I had an actual RAID. DE is so simple I was hoping to see it on most Windows OS's from here on out including Win 8. For MS to remove this piece just because it doesn't work for SBS is bullsh*t. Why are SBS and WHS linked anyway?! Just make two versions. I am shaking my head at this decision. I was very excited to get a brand new version of WHS when Vail was finished but now it feels like MS just made WHS impotent by removing the best part of the product. If anyone from MS is reading this get a clue and keep DE in WHS.

    Rant complete. For now...

    Thursday, December 9, 2010 2:23 PM

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  • Yes right now this is true, and some of us are more stuck than others.  I bought an HP MediaSmart Ex495 a year ago, and now we know why they decided to stop selling the MediaSmart line at the end of this year.  I wouldn't mind doing a complete format/reinstall of my system to accommodate Vail, but I doubt my MediaSmart magically has a RAID controller embedded in it.

    I'd specifically bought into Windows Home Server because until last month we'd all been led to believe this core feature wouldn't change when Vail came out.

    Stop by the "We Got Served" forums (now ironically named) for the latest updates on this story.  If I learn anything new that's useful, I'll post it here.

    Thursday, December 9, 2010 5:03 PM