MVC Solution suddenly looses its "CSS "bootstrap" implimentation" - builds, but formating/fonts bootstrap seems lost/missing RRS feed

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  • Dear Friends,

    As my issue has happend before, where I was saved bye a roleback from my TFS;

    This time - it has happend again, for no reason at all, but now I need to know what is going on. Period.

    Besides beeing a forwever newbie to MVC an all that comes with it, I have a Project within a a solution that allso holdes a few other VS-Projects. Regardsless. It seems to work perfect!

    And just yesterday, after adding only two <meta> tags in my header of _layout-cshtml - it happend again;

    After SUCCESFULL BUILD - the projects displays in IE - BUT CSS has "GONE MISSING!!" - All my formating on the "page" is just LOST.

    The page runs, presents itself - but presents itself as "white"; no colors, costum fonts or text sizes - all is missing.

    What is this?!?! I am loosing it on this issue?! 

    Running a compare with my TFS - find no changes ANYWHERE. And my Project is dead in the water?!

    Anyone? Anything?


    Regards, Kato.

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