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    While Los Angeles may not have a traditional "White Christmas", it certainly does not leave you wanting of one. Diving into this city during the holidays always turns out to be a whirlwind of an occasion, and the glamour of Hollywood, combined with the wispy palms and beaches of Los Angeles serve as the backdrop of some of the most spectacular Christmas lights displays in the country! It'll make you wonder, who needs snow? The holidays in Los Angeles are more than complete without it!

    Arguably one of the best lights displays in the country is at The Grove, a centrally located mall featuring a semi-outdoor arcade of shops and restaurants. It's not your typical box-type mall, and there's plenty of strolling in the chilly outdoor breezes, but the festive atmosphere more than makes up for it. Store hours are typically extended for the holidays, and there are lots of stalls and carts selling Christmas-themed treats and gadgets. There's a spectacular 60-some foot authentic Christmas tree-one of the largest you will ever see (they say it's even taller than the one at the Rockefeller center)-that lights up spectacularly at night. The entire home or business then seems to be encapsulated in a magical glow as lights blaze from every nook and cranny. There's also an electric sleigh that takes shoppers for a leisurely ride around the complex. The scene is sure to take your breath away!



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