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    In CRM 2011 form, I used a Two Options radio button.  Now, user wants to default it blank, instead of yes or no.  Because the form data is pre-populated as sub grid in parent form, and I used JSON text and OData query to create each form data in database.  After passing the following JSON text, last three elements are Booleans, values of Two Options are not created as null in database, instead, they are still created as the default value, 0, which was defined when the two option radio button was created at beginning in CRM.

    {"new_name":"3 M","new_accountlookup":{"Id":"{7B2F9C5D-2FB7-E011-A97A-001B2163D194}","Name":"3 M"},"new_productcategory":{"Value":0},"new_potential":{"Value":"0.00"},"new_boolean1":null,"new_boolean2":null,"new_boolean3":null}

    Is there any way to set Boolean(or type of bit in SQL Server) to null in database via JSON and OData?  Thanks.

    Wednesday, May 28, 2014 9:08 PM

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