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  • This new computer hardware design adopt the most fundamental theory of anti-virus, allows user to set Hard disk partitions’ Read/Write permissions by manually Connect/Disconnect Motherboard hardware circuit, can make computer immune to Viruses, Trojans, and Hackers with corresponding Operating System, make computer system much more safe, clean and efficient then before by very low cost.
    The necessary updating OS need to do is quite simple: allow user to appoint OS working files’(Such as OS setting files, User setting files, OS registry, history files, virtual memory file…) directory, so that user can appoint these often Read/Write files stored on D:, and set C:, which stores Operating System core programs, to Read-Only.
    This can make Operating System immune to Virus and Trojan’s infection. Because Viruses and Trojans are usually disguised as normal programs and find opportunity to infect operating system core programs(such as various executable programs) to get control of the system, once the Viruses or Trojans take control of the system they may perform various sabotage, theft activities, such as theft or destruction of important files in the hard disk, reading system username/password list that stored in the hard disk; or steal user’s electronic bank account user names/passwords when the user entering it, and so on.
    So, allow the user to store the operating system core files in the C: and manually set C: to Read-only can cut off Viruses and Trojans’ infection path.
    This innovation looks simple, but is based on deep understanding of the nature of computer Viruses, Trojans and hackers: the so-called "infection", "destroyed" or "unauthorized access", etc., are all human concepts, for computer hardware and software, it is essentially no ability to judge whether a program, or a Read/Write access is beneficial or harmful to human, authorized or unauthorized, this is fundamental reason why we can not completely protect system from Virus, Trojan, and Hackers just by software. I noticed it. It is difficult for user to quickly determine whether a program is a virus or Trojan, of course, but the user can at least determine which files or data in the computer are he want to protect and to keep Read-only usually, and which files or data are he did not want to be Read/Write by others when he is connecting in Internet, so I designed this New Safe Computer that provide users such security new feature by convenient way and low additional cost.
    So this is today’s simplest, cheapest and most effective anti-virus method, the improvement of system security it brings is not any anti-virus software or other software can be compared. It is estimated that this new anti-virus method base on manually set Hard disk partitions’ Read/Write permissions by connect/disconnect motherboard hardware circuit and corresponding Operating System will act main role of PC’s system security.
    Viruses and Trojans may also get control of the system by infect some commonly used application software such as IE, Word, QQ and so on. But if the operating system itself is clean and non-infectable, this infection is easy to effectively controlled by the operating system. In addition, users can install these commonly used application software in C: to make these commonly used application software also immune virus. The necessary updating these application software need to do is same with the operating system: allows the user to manually set its working files (such as setup files, browsing history, game save files, etc.) directory.
    For servers, Operating System software, Database server software, Web server software are suitable for installed in Read-only C: drive, the website Home page, which does not often need to be update remotely can also be placed in F: which usually set to Read-only but can easily be set to R/W locally. So the situation such as the U.S. Department of Defense’ website Home page falsified by Hackers would not have happened.
    Users only need to set the C: drive Read/Write when upgrading the operating system, or installing new software to C:. To insure security, first we should allow users to download the upgrade package and then upgrading offline; next, before upgrading the operating system or installing new software to C: user must restart the computer to avoid possible Viruses or Trojans hidden in memory that quietly occupied the control of system (which may because run a website plugin when surfing Internet, etc.), restart the computer and the Viruses or Trojans in memory are disappeared.
    Another improvement the operating system need to do is: Do not run any programs that is not installed in C: when system boot up, no matter this program is in Program-Startup Menu, or in Registry file’s
    Or ask user before run it. This is to cut off another Viruses and Trojans’ infection path.
    The operating system can also do a lots of other improvements to take full advantage of this hardware new feature to constitute PCs of next generation that immune to Viruses, Trojans and Hackers, cleaner, safer and more efficiency than today’s PCs. For example, the operating system can be designed on this principle: the software installed in the Read-only C: Drive are safe, user needs, software installed in R/W Drives such as D: are suspicious, may be Viruses or Trojans or infected by Viruses or Trojans. always ask user before running these programs. A new version of Windows will be warmly required by users after the New Safe Computer come into market.
    In the condition that C: Drive usually set to Read-only and be protected very well, it looks not so important to arrange E: to backup C:. But taking into account that the Operating System and a lot of important software are installed in the C:, or sometimes user installed too many application software to the C:, that take up too many system resources and cause the system inefficient, the user may also want to recover to the previous condition when there is not so many software installed in C: then the E: backup is worth. This is determined by the users themselves, maybe a user likes to set E: Drive Read/Write, store some software or data(such as games, music/photo files, etc) not very important.
    In the condition that Operating System core programs installed in C: Drive are usually protected by Hardware Read-only setting, the Operating System working files’ directory in the R/W D: Drive is worth user to backup. The most appropriate location to backup Operating System Files’ directory is C:.
    When start up the Operating System use working directory user appointed before, but can allow user to reappoint other directory, so that if the Operating System working files in the R/W D: Drive is corrupted, user can use the Operating System working files’ backup in the C: or E: to start up System.
    It is estimated that computer Viruses, Trojans and Hackers cause global enterprises and institutions loss more than 10 billion U.S. Dollars every year. Using this new computer, with the corresponding operating system, will greatly reduce this loss, the effect can be much better than all the software methods currently used.
    Because Viruses and Trojans are mainly infect or damage the Operating System core programs and important application software, then in this computer system, the Operating System core programs and important application software are installed in Read-Only C: drive, Viruses and Trojans can not rewrite; Hackers mainly steal enterprises or government agencies' important confidential documents, but when use this computer user can easily save these documents in a No R/W G: Drive, hackers can not see even the file name; Viruses, Trojans and Hacker can only destroy files  stored in R/W hard disk partitions, but since the OS is non-infectable, the destroy will be more difficult than before, and because user can back up his latest work files to usually Read-only F:, loss can be greatly reduced even if attacked by Viruses, Trojans and Hackers. So I believe after most of world's user are using this new computer system, Viruses, Trojans and Hackers will reduce greatly, this is good to everyone.

    For more information about the New Safe Computer design please view my Blog:

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013 1:53 AM

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  • Is there any Microsoft's software expert? Do you think it's a very good idea for your Windows and other application software?

    Tuesday, May 28, 2013 5:36 AM