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  • I like the outstanding beauty FULL interface of WM 6
    But I also understood that is taking some of the resources I can use of my new brand mobile device.
    What I want of a future windows mobile SO is "functionality" the fact
    that I can download a gameboy emulator and play on my device.
    I want to play mp3, see a movie, and take pictures or film videos, phone calls with my device.
    All in the microsoft way, I dont want a linux android to tell me what to do.
    Microsoft is a "window", a window to all the things I want to do or run on my device.
    But sometimes this window is closed and looks like a barrier.
    The SO must be the base for doing the same things I do on my desktop computer.
    Windows Mobile devices are not fully compatible with my desktop and that is not what I want.
    I cannot use the same programs. But for sure as long as you have enought memory, you should
    run the same mp3 player application  in your mobile android and in your linux computer.
    I feel that I'm don't have the same benefits as the future devices. My window is closing in...
    I want a small portable device with a huge screen, with lot of processor power, full compatibility with my desktop filesystem,
    improved touchscreen and please low cost... is better to buy a laptop than a mobile device these days.

    Tuesday, September 30, 2008 3:27 PM