Unable to create log files for debugging through the solution RRS feed

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  • Hi All,


    I have deployed my solution on the sandbox and trying to test it. It is failing at the very first stage and I want to debug the problem. I have inserted some File writes at every stage inside my code (For eg,, for the first button click or the first page load etc..) and I found that these files also were not getting written. Is there some permission that I need to set for my login id for creating test files?

    So, I decided to comment all my code in the solution and I have just written one line of code  at the page load containing the File.Create() . I could see that it threw a general  ServerApplication error . If I remove this line and load my page, the page browses fine!


    So, there is a problem while I try to create test files through the code.How do I do this?Should I modify any settings or give permissions to my account somewhere? Or should I give any particular directory as the path for writing a test file rather than the relative path that I am giving right now?


    Since there is no other way of debugging my code, I need to insert a few files at each stage atleast to identify which portion of my code is giving the problem.

    Please help.



    Thursday, April 19, 2007 9:06 AM