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  • Hi System Administrator Sir,

    This is to inform you that we as our organization had a phone conversation meeting and we have decided that we all will no longer use MSDN forums or Visual Studio Forums as our forum to spread learning.. apart from my organization's questions that I answered my total score is 32 - approx 7 = 25 out of 115 posts which is not at all a bad score... these 25 are people whom i dont know at all and some answers are marked by thread starters as well as your contingent staff members whom I dont know.. Now is it a low quality???? I ask you people... Voting is a right of each user on MSDN and whether from same or different accoun I am least concerned but the following users are quitting MSDN :

    Roozan Bharucha


    Shankar Singh

    Dimansh Star

    Husain Soni

    and many more....

    Thank you and bye forever from MSDN forums, we made a big mistake trusting Microsoft MSDN forums as an organization to spread good learning in our country and world... our site is better we dont get votes but any one can see and learn from it....

    I am now unpublishing all my articles, codes, galleries from MSDN... whether you want to investigate or not its up to you but we dont want to take part in any of the activity of any forum of Microsoft now... we are happy with our offline activities and we spread better learning there rather than here.... where each one is pulling up the new user for votes... but you have provided that facility in the system and 'VOTING IS A RIGHT OF EVERY USER' and no one in this world can deny if you are providing the system with a facility to vote you might see friends voting friends, colleagues voting colleagues, outsiders voting any one.....



    Roozan Parvez Bharucha MCT, MCITP (SQL Server 2008, Windows 7 Admin), MCTS (SQL Server 2008, Windows 7 Config, .NET Frmwk 3.5, .NET Frmwk 4.0 (Windows)), MCPD Enterprize App (Frmwk 3.5), MCPD Windows (Frmwk 4.0) CEO, RajAryanTech
    Friday, May 6, 2011 6:12 AM