Simple solution for Printer and File Sharing problems after 1/31/2008 WLOC Update RRS feed

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  • OneCare updated itself on 1/31.  After that I began to experience problems reaching printers on another PC and files on the same PC.   (Note that the other PC is on the same LAN subnet and is a member of my OneCare circle.) 


    For the benefit of any others who encounter this, here is what we did to solve the problem:


    - on the remote PC (the one with the printers), we verified that printer sharing in the OneCare settings was checked to share printers automatically with other PCs in my OneCare circle.  (All were correct.)

    - in the same OneCare dialog on the remote PC, we clicked "manage printers individually" and checked the properties of each printer to verify that each printer had a onecare logo and was properly shared.  (All were correct.)

    - finally, in the OneCare printer sharing dialog on my PC, I clicked on "clear" to remove any records of previous sharing failures and then "refresh" to rebuild the list of shared printers.


    This last step actually solved the problem.  After I hit "refresh" I received OneCare dialogs for each of the printers on the remote PC asking if I wished to add the printer and then asking if I wished to install it on my PC. 


    When all this was completed, the printers worked successfully.   Interestingly, shared files began to work again as well.


    Final note: I'm glad that all is well, but everything worked before the automatic update and should have worked just as well afterwards!

    Monday, February 11, 2008 12:08 AM

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  • Thanks for sharing your experience with this problem and sorry that you encountered it.



    Monday, February 11, 2008 2:49 AM