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  • We've been asking here for quite some time that *in addition* to the last reply line that you (used to) see when looking at an overview of forums, that you should also have a "last new thread" line.

    The idea was that it is at least as important (and probably more so) to see when a new thread has been started in a forum than it is to see when a reply has arrived.

    (I am keen to move wrongly placed threads before they get replies and this applies doubly to multi-posted threads.)

    What we now have is a change but it's a change which doesn't solve the above need.

    The new system says "new post from XXX" but instead of as earlier always being a new reply, it is now ANY new post.

    Because there is still no clear indication if the "new post" is a reply or the start of a new thread, there is still no way for a moderator - keen to intercept new THREADS before they cause other people to post off-topic posts - to see that a new thread has been started.

    The new versions therefore while a slight improvement - as it does at least show movement when new threads are started which the earlier version didn't - doesn't cover the actual requirement in its entirety.

    Could we please have both pieces of information as earlier requested. "New reply from X" AND "new thread from YYY". There IS enough space ...

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