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  • I've created a VB .NET 2003 RTD Server that works OK. However I cannot
    debug it. The server is created as .Net class library with "Register
    for COM Interop" checked. Project properties: In Debugging, I set
    debug mode to Program, and Start Application to Excel.exe. So I
    start MyRtdServer in debug mode, it calls Excel, and Excel starts. In
    Excel, I type in a simple RTD formula and it immediately closes the Excel window
    without stopping on my break point, which is set in the very first
    line of the RTD object constructor.

    If I go to Debug->Break All, an error message is shown: "Unable to break execution.  Please wait until the debuggee has finished loading, and then try again"  So maybe the RTD server, aka the debuggee, is not actually getting loaded.

    If I run the install shield for my RTD server, then start Excel and try the equation, it works.
    What should I do in addition to allow debugging?
    I use WinXp, VS2003 .NET,  and Excel2007.

    Thank you,

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