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  • Hi,

    for explain:

    i've a class contact and a contact can have one or more category (seller,customer,admin,...)

    I'd like to develop a partial view with 2 listbox. (one with all category and the other with the selected category)

    My issue is how can i pass all the categories in my home controller

    public ActionResult Edit(long id = 0)
                Contact contact = db.Contact.Find(id);
                if (contact == null)
                    return HttpNotFound();
                ViewBag.SocietyID = new SelectList(db.Society, "ID", "Name", contact.SocietyID);
                ViewBag.Categories= db.Category.ToList();
                return View(contact);

    How can i pass all the categories in my main view


    Finally what do i put in my partial view if i want display the 2 listbox.

    Simply the table is already a good start

    Thanks for your help

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  • Hello,

    Specifically, this should be asked in the ASP.Net MVC forum on forums.asp.net.


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  • This is an example of how i would do it

    In the controller
      public PartialViewResult BookById(int id)


           return PartialView("_BooksInLibary", db.Libary.Find(id).Books);


    In the Index

    <span class="btn btn-xs" onclick="AllBooks('@item.BookId')">@Html.DisplayFor(modelItem => item.Name)</span>

         function AllBooks(BookId) {


               url: '@Url.Action("BooksInLibary")',

               data: { id: BookId },

           success: function(data) {





     error: function (data){$('#Details').html('<h3>Error in retrieval</h3>');}



    Thursday, January 15, 2015 1:07 PM