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    1.        How can two Domain Controllers both be Primary DNS Servers for the same Domain? If a DC is also a Primary DNS Server, where are the DNS Records stored and how does the equivalent of a “Zone Transfer” happen?
    2.        Is your system fault tolerant? Will AD work when one DC is down? Will DNS work? What modifications may you need on DNS clients?
    3.        List some of the SRV Records are created in the DNS for each DC
    4.        When a user is added to AD on the GUI Server, how is it copied to the other DC?
    5.        Can you create a “Template User Account”, from which new accounts can be copied? Which main attributes are copied when you copy a user account? Which main attributes must be re-entered?
    6.        In what order are Group Policies applied to a user on PC1, in an Organisational Unit OU1, in a Site SITE1, in domain DOM1? – from least significant to most significant. What are the implications of this for a delegated administrator of an OU in a Domain, regarding Domain Policies and OU Policies?
    7.        An administrator wants to implement a new  software package throughout the organisation. However, the software will only run on PCs with 2GB RAM or more. Describe how an administrator can automate the software installation process.
    8.        An administrator implements a new restrictive security policy throughout the organisation, and finds that she cannot perform some necessary functions. How can she ensure that the new security policy does not apply to her, so that she can do her job?

    Any help would be great! 

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