Sync Toy 2.1 appears to crash Windows XP to Windows 7 networking RRS feed

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  • One minute I could network my Windows XP SP3 desktop to my Windows 7 Home Premium laptop, the next minute not. The problem seems to involve Sync Toy 2.1 . This is what happened:

    I had Sync Toy 2.1 running on the Win 7 laptop to back up (contribute) files to the Win XP desktop. Everything was working perfectly.

    Then  I tried to back up a hidden file, the Thunderbird email profile, from the Win 7 machine. I created a new target directory (right folder) on the XP machine to receive this, and a new folder pair. I ran Sync Toy on the Win 7 machine to "contribute" the hidden file from the Win 7 to the right folder on the XP and got the message "folder [ie right, target, folder] does not exist."

    From that moment, networking is totally broken. The Win 7 cannot see the XP machine on the network at all, though the XP machine can see the Win 7 machine perfectly well. It appears something happened and Sync Toy crashed networking. I can ping XP from Win 7, but if I do RUN > \\xpcomputername I either get asked for a password, or told access denied.

    The situation where XP can see Win 7 but Win 7 can't see XP is a known and kind of terrible problem with Win 7 networking. There are many posts in the networking forums including many have no solution. I'm posting here in the hope that the apparent involvement of Sync Toy, or the hidden file, may yield a clue.

    All the basic networking things are OK, eg password protected sharing is OFF, enable file and printer sharing is ON - all the basic things that make XP and Win 7 network each other are OK. I have checked them, plus they have to be OK because networking was working fine right until I ran Sync Toy on the hidden folder.

    Other possible causes exist, eg that one or other machine had downloaded and update which crashed networking co-incidentally. But it very much looks like Sync Toy clunked out copying the hidden file, and made some subtle change to the system eg the registry. If anyone has any suggestions I would be very grateful!



    Bristol UK

    Sunday, February 27, 2011 12:15 AM